Canada-China collaboration could revolutionize cancer care

Prostate Centre’s Translational Research Initiative for Accelerated Discovery & Development – PC-TRIADD (CECR)


One of the world’s top genome science institutions—BGI in China—has partnered with one of the world’s top translational research centres—the Vancouver Prostate Centre (VPC)—to revolutionize cancer detection and treatment. BGI has provided about $1 million in new equipment to establish a joint research lab at the VPC—its first collaboration with a Canadian research institution. BGI’s advanced sequencing platforms are being used to sequence hundreds of tumours and tumour models. PC-TRIADD will help commercialize shared technologies and create new companies. One product could be a simple blood test that provides a non-invasive and patient-friendly method for detecting, monitoring and treating cancer.

We welcome this opportunity to collaborate with the Vancouver Prostate Centre, and to make a meaningful contribution to advancing potential new therapies for cancer. With our contribution of next generation sequencing equipment and advanced data processing and analysis, we expect the Joint Research Laboratory to make significant discoveries resulting in new, validated therapeutic targets as well as new molecules for commercial developmentYingrui Li, CEO, BGI Tech Solutions Company