Testing Canadian ocean monitoring technologies for better safety

Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre—ONCIC (CECR)

Smart Oceans BC system map

Major investments in Ocean Networks Canada will make Canada’s west coast communities safer and allow ONCIC, the network’s business division, to open new global markets for homegrown technologies. Existing subsea observatories will be expanded with five new community observatory systems along British Columbia’s coast. These will provide valuable data to improve public and marine safety and environmental monitoring, including early alerts of offshore earthquakes and tsunamis and their impact on coastal communities. The observatories also serve as an important test bed, validating Canadian technologies that ONCIC can then market globally under the Smart Ocean SystemsTM brand.

Ocean Networks Canada’s ability to take a holistic approach that bridges the intersection between science, industry, government and the individual is really unique. There are very few, if any, players in this market who understand this type of intelligence and who know how to commercialize it.Peter Madden, High Performance Computing Solutions Manager,
Western Region, IBM Canada