Reducing the time and cost of drug discovery



Some 30 of the most promising drug discovery projects from universities and small- and mid-sized companies will have a better chance of reaching patients thanks to NEOMED. This newest CECR is building on the early success of the NEOMED Institute in Montréal, a multi-tenant, open-access life sciences R&D facility created in 2012. NEOMED will identify promising drug discovery projects and then rely on contract research organizations to advance the research to early proof of concept in humans. At that stage of development, projects can be out-licensed to pharma industry partners, form the basis for the creation of solid spinoffs, or be used to consolidate the commercial performance of existing companies.

NEOMED pioneers a new approach to bridge the gap between early innovations and the healthcare needs of society. Coupling innovation with an entrepreneurship-driven culture offers an exceptional platform for interactions between academia and industry for the benefit of patients and the entire biopharmaceutical community. The network provides research-based pharmaceutical companies a unique opportunity to fuel its R&D pipeline, and conduct clinical trials and new drug applications in Canada.Max Fehlmann, President and CEO, NEOMED and the NEOMED Institute