Calgary student helps turn consumers into “prosumers”

Mitacs (IRDI)

Khobaib Zaamout

Calgary-based Chaordix, a crowdsourcing pioneer serving IBM, LEGO, Virgin and other global companies and organizations, was looking to gain further insight into market research intelligence and analytics. The Mitacs Accelerate internship program helped out by connecting Chaordix with Khobaib Zaamout, a University of Calgary student completing his PhD in Information and Communication Technology. Zaamout used his expertise in data analytics and social networking to create a new platform that is empowering once-passive customers to become active “prosumers” who are directly involved in designing and producing a product.

Working closely with a team putting theory into practice has offered me a brand new perspective on my research. I’m able to verify and validate my work using new and practical measures. It’s also satisfying to know I’m helping a Canadian company become even more competitive on the global stage. Khobaib Zaamout, PhD candidate, University of Calgary