Boosting test capabilities for green tech

GreenCentre Canada (CECR)


GreenCentre Canada has taken its ability to test promising new green technologies to the next level thanks to an agreement with Canada’s leading materials research centre—the Xerox Research Centre Canada (XRCC) in Mississauga, Ontario. The partnership enables GreenCentre to expand its development capacity beyond the bench scale conducted at its in-house lab, to the pilot scale that responds more completely to industry’s need for green technologies that have been de-risked and scaled up. XRCC will also provide process engineering, pilot testing and developmental support, while allowing GreenCentre to retain rights to any new intellectual property created.

Our partnership with GreenCentre extends our foundation of chemical engineering best practices and green materials science. It also underscores our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility in all of our materials and processes, while helping to nurture the growth of innovation here in Canada.Paul Smith, Vice President and Centre Manager, Xerox Research Centre Canada