A better way to do breast cancer biopsies

Centre for Surgical Invention and Innovation – CSii (CECR)


Up to 200 Canadian women will continue to be among the world’s first to have a breast biopsy taken by a robotic system that got its start on the Canadarm and International Space Station. The technology promises to be less time consuming and more accurate than current manual procedures and can be operated by a radiologist remotely, ensuring equal access to surgical care across Canada. The IGAR (Image Guided Automated Robotic) system passed the first safety trials, with patients reporting less pain and overall higher acceptance compared to a manual procedure. In 2015, IGAR will begin two-year Phase II clinical trials in Hamilton and Quebec City. CSii is commercializing the technology in partnership with MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates, makers of the Canadarm.

Because of CSii’s strong links to McMaster University and hospitals in Hamilton and other cities, we were able to make strong connections very quickly with academic researchers and clinicians. We see this area of medical imaging guidance as having a lot of potential for the future.Tim Fielding, Product Development Manager, MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates