Accelerators: They’re not just for start-ups anymore

Canadian Digital Media Network – CDMN (CECR)

The TD Innovation Lab team at home in the Communitech Hub.

CDMN’s innovation successes are catching the attention of some of the world’s biggest corporations. Just this past year, Manulife Financial, Canon and TD Bank have joined Canadian Tire in the Communitech Hub in Waterloo Region, Ontario, one of 29 commercialization hubs across the country that form the CDMN. The new TD Innovation Lab is collaborating with technology start-ups and companies and post-secondary students to develop new technologies that make the customer experience easier, quicker and more intuitive. Through CDMN, TD Bank is also supporting women in technology and small- and medium-sized companies at five hubs across Canada. TD’s national sponsorship of the CDMN Outbound Soft Landing Program will help another 45 Canadian companies expand globally.

TD has a multi-faceted partnership with Communitech and CDMN. A central aspect of this partnership is the TD Lab, an innovation workspace located within the Communitech Hub. The TD Lab provides another opportunity to improve upon our legendary customer experiences by exploring advanced solutions and collaborating with the local tech ecosystem. Through this partnership, TD is also supporting national programs in entrepreneurship, growth, international business development and women in technology. Communitech and CDMN are important partners, expanding our reach and network.Ian McDonald, Director, TD Innovation Lab