Turning research investments into life sciences companies

Accel-Rx Health Sciences Accelerator—Accel-Rx (CECR)


Canada has a new way to turn the country’s $6-billion investment in basic health research into successful and well-managed companies. Accel-Rx will partner with BDC Capital to invest up to $1,000,000—matched by other investors—in three to four life sciences companies annually. Five health‑related CECRs representing 70% of the country’s drug development pipeline will share their most commercially promising discoveries with Accel-Rx. The new CECR will make them investment-ready by providing entrepreneurial training and access to capital, specialized infrastructure, strategic partners and experienced entrepreneurs.

BDC Capital now supports early-stage health sciences company creation across Canada. CDRD Ventures Inc. and the consortium of CECRs they have pulled together under the Accel-Rx framework are uniquely positioned to support the healthcare space. This pan-Canadian collaboration really increases success chances for the companies involved in the program.Dominique Bélanger, VP, Strategic Investments and Partnerships, BDC Capital