Reducing mercury contamination during offshore drilling

Advanced Applied Physics Solutions – AAPS (CECR)


Vancouver-based AAPS spinoff company MICROMATTER Inc. has hit the market with a new product that is helping resource companies minimize the environmental impact of offshore drilling. Developed in partnership with AAPS, capsulated mercury standards are used to detect the presence and level of mercury in oil that has been harvested from the ocean. Five new customers from the United States (including Chevron), Hong Kong and Thailand have purchased these standards. Leading institutions in over 50 countries use MICROMATTER standards for instrument calibration and quality control in pollution monitoring and other sectors. MICROMATTER is the industry leader in developing thin diamond-like carbon foils—used in high-energy particle accelerators for stripping a particle beam—for national laboratories worldwide.

Mercury is a highly poisonous material and monitoring is essential for the protection of marine animals. AAPS has been instrumental in providing all the necessary incubation services to MICROMATTER. This has included access to TRIUMF facilities and resources, as well as AAPS administrative services. AAPS also enabled MICROMATTER’s participation in knowledge sharing activities and conducting marketing activities.Vinder Jaggi, President, MICROMATTER Inc., Vancouver