Helping farmers use less pesticides

Wavefront (CECR)


SemiosBIO Technologies Inc. had a wireless pest management system with global market potential – all it needed was customers in those markets. That’s where Wavefront’s market entry program helped. The start-up accelerator for wireless companies takes on the job of screening potential customers before taking Canadian start-ups for trade meetings abroad. For Semios, these trips in 2012 led to meetings with major global telecommunications companies and multiple test sites in Spain, Italy and South America for its system. The technology uses solar-powered communications, cloud-based computing and pheromones for pest control. The system will significantly reduce or eliminate the need for toxic pesticides, enabling Semios to help farmers meet stricter European regulations for pesticide use set to come into effect in 2014.

I wouldn’t dream of tackling these markets on my own at this early stage of our company’s growth. The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development and Wavefront teams did an excellent job of providing introductions and validating potential partners.Dr. Michael Gilbert, CEO, SemiosBIO Technologies Inc.