Exporting Canada’s expertise in ocean science

Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre – ONCIC (CECR)


First, Canada built the world’s most advanced subsea cabled observatories. Then other coastal countries came calling to see how we did it. The Ocean Networks Canada Innovation Centre not only fields those calls, it is also assembling consortia of Canadian companies with the expertise and experience needed to build similar systems for a $3-billion global market projected to double in size in just a few years. One of those Canadian companies, OceanWorks International, was a key equipment supplier to Canada’s VENUS and NEPTUNE observatories, and is among the firms poised to share in $18 million in international contracts currently being negotiated by ONCIC.

ONCIC is helping us secure government contracts around the world. They qualify potential sales leads by working with groups to understand their timelines, budget constraints and technical requirements. Their recent trade missions to Brazil, China, Europe and England have given us an opportunity to meet with a host of potential clients. It is lead generation and marketing on a scale we could never do on our own. Derek White, General Manager, OceanWorks International, Burnaby, BC