Saving teachers time and governments money

MaRS Innovation – MI (CECR)


What started as a “logistical nightmare” – marking 5,000 exams with just 100 graders for the 2011 Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge (COMC) – has evolved into a rapidly growing start-up with global market potential. With funding and business support from MaRS Innovation and the University of Toronto Early-Stage Technology (UTEST) incubator program, Crowdmark developed a product that moves pen and paper grading into the cloud. It was successfully tested at the 2012 COMC with 147 graders at eight Canadian universities assessing 46,424 math problems simultaneously. It cut the marking time from past competitions in half.

The UTEST program provided valuable resources to me and to Crowdmark. They understood the value of my invention and saw its potential when others didn’t. Dr. James Colliander, Founder, Crowdmark Inc.; Mathematics Professor, University of Toronto