A better way to help at-risk youth

Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts – CYCC (NCE-KM)

In-the-field simulations, like this one in Halifax, are helping put knowledge into practice for vulnerable youth.

How can we help vulnerable youth feel safe in their families and communities? In 2012, the Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts network drew on evidence from researchers, practitioners, front-line service providers and communities to produce three ground-breaking reports that identify best practices and lessons learned in helping vulnerable and at-risk youth. Stakeholders then participated in a series of simulations to test the various approaches and identify what works best for their local situation. That collaborative model is now being re-packaged and taken across Canada to bridge the gap between evidence and practice to ensure youth get the help they need.

In the field we’re learning stuff every minute of every hour of every day. But we need opportunities to capture that knowledge and share it with academics and researchers. The wonderful thing about the CYCC is that it is shrinking that gap between the academic world and the front line practice world. Timothy Crooks, Executive Director, Phoenix Youth Programs, Halifax