Reducing the risk of another Walkerton

Canadian Water Network – CWN (NCE)


Municipalities and regulators have not always seen eye to eye on the best way to ensure the safety of drinking water. To deal with this challenge, the Ontario government turned to the Canadian Water Network as a credible third-party organization that could engage municipalities, policy makers, academics and industry. CWN’s nationwide network of researchers worked with stakeholders to develop easy-to-understand guidelines – based on solid evidence – that will help municipalities identify where money is best spent to comply with Ontario’s Safe Drinking Water Act. Those new guidelines will significantly reduce of the risk of ever seeing another Walkerton-like tragedy while ensuring that public health is protected in a cost-effect, science-based manner.

The Canadian Water Network was ideally situated to bring all the various stakeholders into this process, and to draw on its multidisciplinary scientific community to provide the most up-to-date evidence on risk assessment and drinking water quality. Their input was not only valuable – it was virtually indispensable. Aziz Ahmed, Supervisor, Approvals and Licensing Safe Drinking Water Branch, Ontario Ministry of the Environment