Identifying diabetes before it progresses

Quebec Consortium for Drug Delivery – CQDM (BL-NCE)


A Montréal company is first out of the gate with a new blood test that can rapidly identify people who are pre-diabetic, allowing for more accurate tracking of disease progression and treatment monitoring. With mentoring and funding support from the Quebec Consortium for Drug Delivery, Caprion Proteomics identified biomarkers – the protein fingerprints in cells – that measure mass and function of pancreatic cells in diabetes. Diagnosing people at the pre-diabetes stage is critical for arresting or even preventing the progression of this debilitating disease, with significant savings to the health care system. Caprion has established a new diagnostic division to commercialize the technology.

I’ve been in biotech for almost 20 years now. I’ve not run across very many programs like the CQDM, that have figured out how to bring together the biotech and pharma industry with academic researchers in a true collaborative and successful fashion. They solicit and fund projects that truly respond to industry needs.Martin LeBlanc, President and CEO, Caprion Proteomics Inc.