Finding breast cancer sooner

Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization – CIMTEC (CECR)

Mo Abdolell showing breast density images to CIMTEC staff

Women with significantly dense breast tissue are at a much higher risk of developing breast cancer. In the near future, radiologists will have access to a new tool to help them. The Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization worked with Mohamed Abdolell and his team at Densitas Inc. to refine, test and validate an algorithm that uses digital mammogram images to more precisely measure breast density than current visual assessment practices. Public demand for women to know their breast density and options for screening has led 13 U.S. states to pass laws to ensure women can access this information. Similar legislation is under review in Canada.

CIMTEC has worked closely with us to develop our first prototype. This partnership has allowed us to tap into their expertise during the early stage – in a cost-effective way – to meet our milestones. From product development to technical counsel, they’ve been an invaluable collaborator on this journey. Mo Abdolell, President and Founder, Densitas, Inc.