Faster, cheaper and smarter drug development

Centre for Drug Research and Development – CDRD (CECR)


Canada is spearheading a faster and more cost-effective way to translate university discoveries into new medicines. In 2013, Canada’s Centre for Drug Research and Development CECR partnered with top drug commercialization centres from five other countries to form the new Global Alliance of Leading Drug Discovery and Development Centres. Together, the six centres represent nearly 400 drug developers working with tens of thousands of academic scientists on more than 165 projects, often in partnership with the world’s biggest biopharmaceutical companies. They will eliminate redundancies in drug development by pooling resources and sharing technologies.

This alliance of outstanding drug discovery centres will help us to accelerate the translation of academic results into new therapies around the globe. By joining forces and sharing complementary expertise and infrastructure, we will be even more effective in closing the gap between basic research and industry to the benefit of patients.Dr. Bert Klebl, Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer, Lead Discovery Centre (Germany)