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NCE LinkedIn Discussion Group

The invitation-only This link will take you to another Web site NCE discussion group has been set up to create a dialogue around best practices, frequently asked questions and common issues. This is in response to frequent feedback during annual meetings that networks and centres would value a forum where they can connect to each other and have these types of discussions with the NCE Secretariat.

In addition to joining the group, staff and stakeholders in NCE-funded networks and centres are encouraged to invite colleagues to join, engage with the posted content, and share their own content. Here’s how:

Invite colleagues

  • Go to the This link will take you to another Web site Discussion group.
  • Select the button that says “Invite others”
  • Enter the name of the colleague you think may want to join.


Engage with content

  • Select “Like” on posts that interest you.
  • Comment on topics that you have additional thoughts on.


Share content

Some of the topics that may interest your fellow networks and centres include:

  • A job posting within your network or centre
  • An event other networks and centres might be interested in attending
  • A question about annual reporting that another network or centre may be able to offer advice on
  • A relevant report or news item related to research, knowledge mobilization, commercialization or business R&D


To share a post:

  • Select “Start a conversation with your group”
  • Enter a title and your post.
  • Select “Post.”