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Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids - TREKK

$2.8 million for 2011-19
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Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids

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University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Terry Klassen Terry Klassen

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Dallas Smith Dallas Smith
Senior Account Manager, Royal Bank of Canada

Improving pediatric emergency care across Canada

The opportunity

Up to 85% of children in Canada who need emergency care are treated in general emergency departments (ED) that are not part of a children’s hospital. However, there are varying levels of pediatric emergency care across the country. Developing expertise in these settings can be challenging due to certain conditions occurring infrequently and child-specific training being difficult to access. Fortunately, Canada has both the expertise and the know-how to address this challenge. It has invested in a national effort that is accelerating the speed at which the latest knowledge in children’s emergency care is put into practice in every general ED, be it urban, rural or remote.

How TREKK is seizing the opportunity

Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK) is a growing network of researchers, clinicians, health consumers and national organizations who are finding better ways to share knowledge and experience between general EDs, children’s hospitals and academic institutions. TREKK is implementing a three-phase plan to increase health professionals’ knowledge, skills and confidence in caring for very ill and injured children in general EDs. This approach includes a needs assessment, mapping current evidence and sharing knowledge and practical tools with health professionals, parents and other stakeholders.

Among the results

  • TREKK surveyed more than 2,850 health consumers and healthcare professionals at 32 general EDs across Canada to determine their knowledge needs and preferences. Those needs included more information on pediatric conditions such as severe head injuries and meningitis faster and easier access to current knowledge, and more professional development opportunities. Nine organizations used the needs assessment results to inform the agendas for their emergency medicine education sessions.
  • TREKK has created Bottom Line Recommendations to give key facts on the diagnosis and management of croup, gastroenteritis, diabetes, ketoacidosis, concussions, multi-system trauma, bronchiolitis, fractures, intussusception, procedural sedation, asthma and procedural pain. Among others, Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch in Manitoba is distributing them to its 22 nursing stations.
  • A TREKK team created an interactive online storybook to educate parents on the signs, symptoms, treatment and management of croup.
  • With input from experts in nursing, simulation, emergency medicine, intensive care and pharmacy, TREKK created a toolkit for point-of-care use in EDs to manage children with sepsis. The toolkit includes posters and pocket cards of normal pediatric vital signs, as well as a treatment algorithm, educational videos and a debriefing guide.

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