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CellCAN Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Network - CellCAN

$1.6 million for 2014-18
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CellCAN Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Network

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Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Montréal, Quebec

Denis Claude Roy Denis Claude Roy

Board chair
Pierre Duplessis Pierre Duplessis
Associate professor, Université de Montréal

Linking Canadian strengths in stem cells and personalized medicine

The opportunity

Major hurdles in realizing the health and economic benefits of regenerative medicine (RM) and stem cell therapy include the lack of broad access to well-defined requirements and practices for proving clinical utility, and the need to implement new tools, practice guidelines and educational initiatives for key stakeholders. Regulatory and ethical issues also need to be addressed and guidelines created before RM based therapy becomes routine. Collaboration and information sharing between researchers, regulators, funding agencies and industry will be essential to implement new treatments that will benefit patients, and a central hub of information will be crucial for better implementation and patient care.

How CellCAN is seizing the opportunity

The CellCAN Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy Network provides the physical, management and regulatory infrastructure needed to build patient awareness of regenerative medicine and cell therapy (RMCT), expedite regulatory approvals and promote RMCT treatments for diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease by sharing and harmonizing operating procedures and clinical trial protocols. CellCAN’s multidisciplinary effort involving scientists, physicians, patients, ethicists, economists, the private sector and other stakeholders increases efficiencies and reduces costs between Canada’s cell manufacturing centres, while sharing procedures, patient samples, expertise and knowledge.

Among the results

  • Thanks to CellCAN’s bilingual extranet, all cell manufacturing facilities and other network affiliates in Canada now have access to a shared information database and discussion forum.
  • CellCAN’s website gives the public access to adapted and comprehensible bilingual information on stem cells, medical tourism, immunotherapy and the process of moving research to the clinic.
  • In collaboration with the Canadian Stem Cell Foundation, CellCAN launched Reggie, a bilingual mobile app that highlights the potential of stem cells and their medical applications by showcasing 20 diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart failure and Parkinson’s disease.
  • CellCAN is working with Health Canada to address different issues regarding Canada’s lack of Good Manufacturing Practice accreditation, and the cost and lack of standardization in performing antimicrobial testing.

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