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$1.6 million for 2017-20

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The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health, Ottawa, Ontario

Scientific Directors
Ian Manion Ian Manion

Steve Mathias Steve Mathias

Board chair
Jessica Hill Jessica Hill
CEO, Ontario College of Family Physicians

Timely and effective treatment for youth mental health

The Opportunity

Youth in Canada and around the world face unprecedented mental health and addiction challenges. Up to one in five young Canadians is estimated to have a diagnosable mental illness, yet services and care tend to be fragmented and under-resourced. Timely interventions to treat youth mental health and addiction (YMHA) disorders can prevent them from turning into persistent adult disorders and reduce future impacts on health care, productivity and stability. New knowledge generated by sound research should be informing decision-making at the case, program and system levels, however it is typically not mobilized to impact policy and practice in efficient and scalable ways.

How Frayme is Seizing the Opportunity

Frayme addresses urgent priorities in YMHA service delivery and international knowledge sharing by identifying research gaps and facilitating the sharing of evidence. Integrated Stepped Care Models (ISCM), which ensure access to monitored, coordinated care and treatment matched to needs, are emerging as the preferred evidence-based and cost-effective way to treat YMHA disorders. With over 100 partner individuals and organizations across Canada and in nine other countries, Frayme focuses on deepening understanding of evidence; helping establish a data platform for knowledge exchange; expanding the use of ISCMs via different delivery platforms; applying a scientific framework to the integration of evidence into practice and policy; and fostering meaningful youth and family engagement.

Among the Expected Results

  • Frayme will scale-up the use of ISCMs, making them more widely accessible to treat youth with mental health or addiction issues and reduce the impact of unmet mental health needs in Canada and internationally.
  • Through its on-line data platform, Frayme will create a way for all partners to exchange ideas, collect and analyze data, and synthesize knowledge. The database will include indicators that measure clinical, administrative and economic performance of ISCMs.
  • By engaging youth, family members, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders, Frayme will ensure the relevance, acceptability and feasibility of the knowledge it shares. These efforts will also include the development of standards, tools and measures to ensure stakeholder engagement efforts are effective.

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