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GreenCentre Canada - GCC

$18.2 million for 2009-19
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GreenCentre Canada

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$22.6 million

Kingston, Ontario

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Pete Pigott Pete Pigott

Board chair
Eric Kelusky Eric Kelusky

Connecting Canada's research expertise with industry demand for green solutions

The opportunity

Although promising green chemistry technologies are being developed in university labs across Canada, few make it to market. Industry needs technologies that are proven to be scalable, optimized for specific applications, produced in kilogram-scale batches and largely de-risked – something neither academia nor industry are able to do on their own. Now, thanks to GreenCentre Canada (GCC), the chemical industry has access to commercial-ready green chemistry innovations that can compete on cost and performance, putting Canada on the vanguard of a sustainable green chemical and materials industry.

How GCC is seizing the opportunity

GCC is the first facility of its kind in North America to offer a “one-stop shop” to Canada’s best chemistry and material science discoveries. Technologies sent to the centre are assessed for their commercial potential (economics, strength of the intellectual property position, competing products) and their estimated environmental impact compared to current technologies. The most commercially promising technologies are in-licensed, then developed, de-risked and scaled up in GCC’s 900 square metre synthetic laboratory facility. GCC’s team includes highly experienced chemists, commercial experts and business professionals who work closely with its vast network of entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, and researchers.

Among the results

  • GCC has launched three startups: Forward Water Technologies, Precision Molecular Design Corp. and Switchable Solutions Inc. In 2015, Forward Water Technologies completed the construction of its pilot-scale engineering testing platform, which aims to simultaneously reduce the volume of dissolved salts in challenging waste while returning fresh water for re-use or surface release.
  • Funding from the Ontario government enabled GCC to start the ONE Chemistry Program, which provides support to current and soon-to-be Ontario-based small- and medium-sized enterprises and entrepreneurs in developing, de-risking and scaling up their innovations. ONE partner CHAR Technologies Inc. has developed a patented activated biochar technology called SulfaCHAR, which is a cost-effective, convenient and zero-waste solution for cleaning hydrogen sulfide from renewable natural gas generated from anaerobic digestion and landfill gas facilities.
  • GCC partnered with the Princeton University Office of Technology Licensing to accelerate the commercialization of novel catalysts developed by Princeton researchers. GCC will also provide its laboratory synthesis, optimization, application testing and scale-up capabilities.
  • In 2015, GCC brokered a licensing agreement with Veolia Water Technologies to commercialize its water purification technology. Originally developed by Carleton University professor Banu Ormeci, the technology measures the polymer flocculent concentration in waste water streams in real time.

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April 17, 2014
Promising green chemistry technologies are being developed in university labs across Canada, but few make it to market. That’s because industry wants technologies that are proven to be scalable, optimized for specific applications, produced in kilogram-scale batches and largely de-risked. Academics rarely have the resources to take those steps. Read more
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November 14, 2012
The Board of Directors for an NCE network or centre often reads like the Who’s Who list of a particular sector, featuring top experts and prominent figures from industry and academia. Pulling together that room full of heavy hitters is an important part of the innovative approaches to governance and best practices adopted by NCE-funded organizations to achieve their goals. Read more
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November 2, 2011
Polystyrene, commonly used as food and beverage containers, including expandable polystyrene foam (EPS), are not materials that are easy to recycle. This is about to change. A researcher and chemist at Queen’s University, Dr. Phillip Jessop, has discovered a green, organic solvent system that can be used to recycle plastic in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way. Read more
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