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Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process - ReMAP

$7.7 million for 2014-19
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Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process

Number of partners

Partner contributions
$10.2 million

Toronto, Ontario

Executive Director
Irene Sterian Irene Sterian

Board chair
Brad Jackson Brad Jackson

Strengthening an electronics manufacturing ecosystem for Canada

The opportunity

Global industry restructuring has shifted manufacturing to lower-cost countries and increasingly outsourced its supply chain, from design and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. Canada’s electronics sector in particular is underperforming and risks becoming further marginalized. While innovation is critical for driving success, it can take a decade to develop, deploy and implement new products and services. Most Canadian companies lack the resources and/or the skills needed to take new ideas through all the stages of commercialization. An industry-led consortium is changing that, by strengthening linkages between industry, academia and government to move ideas to market faster, while maintaining research, design and product manufacturing domestically.

How ReMAP is seizing the opportunity

The Refined Manufacturing Acceleration Process Network (ReMAP) is developing an ecosystem for commercialization that links academics, companies and customers. Leveraging 38 labs and manufacturing lines across the country, ReMAP collaborates with startups, small- and medium-sized companies and large businesses from the information and communications technologies, health care, aerospace, defence and renewable energy sectors to identify innovations that are most likely to succeed, and then accelerate product commercialization for the global market. New products that solve global challenges employ materials, processes and assembly methods that are developed in Canada for the global market, and participating companies gain access to more reliable and competitive products. ReMAP connects industry with academic institutions to facilitate the commercialization of new technologies, improve research accessibility leading to more innovative products, and contribute to related curriculum and training programs.

Among the results

  • ReMAP has introduced 17 new products and services, developed 80 prototypes and authored 37 publications.
  • ReMAP 07, a project that focuses on the advancement of optical technologies for image-guided surgery, supported the development of 7D Surgical’s Environ 3D™, an optical intraoperative 3D image-guided surgical navigation system that was recognized by the North American Spine Society as one of the best new spine technologies in 2015. Thanks to funding from FedDev Ontario and other domestic and American investors, the project has developed prototypes and surgical tools for cranial surgery.
  • Thanks to funding from ReMAP and other industry partners, a research team at the University of Toronto developed new tin-based solder alloys with low-melting characteristics. These alloys minimize the risk of tin whiskers, which are microscopic growths of metal from soldering points in a circuit board that can cause radar and other electronic systems to malfunction. This innovation will help the aerospace and defence industries meet new environmental standards for high reliability applications, such as the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive.
  • ReMAP S3, a renewable energy initiative focused on smart electronics, developed and commercialized a rapid shutdown system to meet the National Electrical Code's new rapid-shutdown requirements for photovoltaic systems, with the goal of allowing first responders to quickly and easily control system circuits. In 2016, the project generated revenue and customer interest from leading American solar providers.

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