Networks of Centres of Excellence of Canada
Government of Canada

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Competition Overview

The Government of Canada recognizes that creating multi-sectoral, multi-disciplinary collaborations is critical to meeting the economic, social and environmental challenges of the 21st century. For two decades, the Networks of Centres of Excellence has fostered collaboration between researchers and industry. The result of this collaboration has been significant and beneficial social and economic impacts, as well as ongoing multi-sectoral programs and products that address these 21st century concerns.

The Networks of Centres of Excellence has been hailed as a precedent-setting, visionary model that links research and industry to further Canada’s economic strength and social well being. The Networks of Centres of Excellence invests in networks and centres that:

  1. stimulate leading-edge research in areas of importance to Canada
  2. build on nation-wide and international partnerships
  3. develop and retain world-class research and research translation capabilities
  4. create innovative knowledge and technology transfer opportunities and mechanisms
  5. manage research resources and programs in an efficient and cost-effective manner

Competitions for the Networks of Centres of Excellence ensure that funding from the granting agencies supports researchers, industry and other organizations who work together in a mutually beneficial, multidisciplinary way and that the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of network and centre management are achieved and maintained.