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Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence


BL-NCE/CECR Monitoring with PSAB

As the NCE is introducing a new annual monitoring process to review the success of networks and centres, we will present the planned approach to centres and networks, open a dialogue between grantees and PSAB (which will lead the review) and learn from the experiences of the chair of the NCE Review Committee, to answer questions on how such review processes operate in a similar program.


  • Adam Chowaniec, Chair, NCE Private Sector Advisory Board
  • Jane Barratt, Chair, NCE Monitoring Committee
  •  Presentation


Social Ventures and Crowd Funding

New forms of financing and corporate structures that support companies with a social and/or environmental impact provide new options for Canadian initiatives. Most centres work with researchers and innovators interested in advancing economic and social impact in their new enterprise. The investment community is also developing new mechanisms to address this growing sector. This session will discuss how recent innovations in social ventures impact investment and crowdfunding, drawing on experience relevant to our centres.



International Models, Outreach and Partnership

Discussion of international partnerships and outreach by CECR and BL-NCE representatives, and presentation by international colleagues of a similar program in France.